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Super Copy

Super Copy provides a very robust way to copy files in Windows. Super Copy does not prompt you for more information once the copy has started; all options are specified beforehand. This is simply a lightweight interface for XCOPY, and will not negatively affect your system's performance. Read about why I wrote SuperCopy.

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  • "Calculate Results" mode allows you to see what files will be affected.
  • "Open" and "Save" allow you to import and export automatically generated batch files
  • Resume ability - recover from a power failure without having to restart the process.
  • Log summaries
  • Handles large amounts of data (over 100GB per transfer)
  • Ignores locked files
  • Copies hidden/system files
  • Recovers from temporary network disconnects


  • HTML Application (.hta file)
  • Dependent only upon IE and XCOPY. No other dependencies.
  • Dos script generation (.bat format) for scheduling backups or postponing transfers.
  • The installer uses NSIS, which is an absolutely awesome setup scripting language.

You can help

  • This product is still growing. Please pass on all of its obvious shortcomings, as well as the not-so-obvious ones. You can either use the forum, or e-mail me at
  • Please realize that your feedback is very important, as it will determine the future direction of this project. Let me know if I am making it too complex in some areas, or over-simplifying in others.
  • This project is by nature Open Source, as it is written in an interpreted language. Changes should be easy to make, so feel free. Of course, I would be ecstatic to get a copy.

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